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Why anonymize your url links with 22go?

Whenever someone clicks a link on your site, the site on the receiving end (where the link points to) will know exactly where the visitors came from (your site). They will know exactly what page they came from on your site and can track it back to you. Why does this matter? It depends on what you are doing on your site. Are you talking trash or flaming other people or site? Do you have material on your site that you don't want the referrer to know about (Nulled warez, pirated movies, pornography, etc). Do you sell or give away secret content (How to hack the NSA computers)? Mainly the reason is privacy. We give you complete anonymity and privacy.

By using our free url anonymizer service, the site on the receiving end will only be able to see Us, and not You because we act as a middle man. Your visitor will be routed through our servers before they go to the destination site. This way you are totally out of the loop and safe. If anyone tracks it back here, they reach a dead end. Our free anonymizer service gives you and your site complete privacy and protection.

Using the referrer removal service is quite easy. Just plug in the destination URL below, then copy the script and paste it on your site. Simple as that.

Anonymize your URL:

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